Naam:    Jason
Leeftijd:    35 jaar
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Relatie coach, Paragnost

My name is Jason, I worked in Londen for a while as a love coach for several clients. Since I booked amazing results in the past years I wanted to help more people with my gift. I can help you with any problems you might have regarding love and relationships. I can use my guides and spirits to feel what you and your beloved one are feeling, to give you an honest answer. It is hard to accept the truth, but it is very good and helpful when you finally know the truth about something you have been doubting over for months, or years even. I am here to help you with that, I know exactly how you feel and I use that to help you.

Met welke vragen kan je bij mij terecht?

You can contact me for any love questions. If you think you are ready for the truth and only the truth contact me or maybe I will contact you even.


Katie Robinson - 25 Januari 2023

Beoordeling: 10

On point all the time very good 👍 thankyou for all your help Jason 😊

Mickayla - 29 November 2020

Beoordeling: 10

Jason is a brilliant medium

Rick - 21 December 2018

Beoordeling: 10

Hi Jason, I wanted to thank you again and leave you a good review because you deserive that. I never could expect anything because it was something new for me but you convinced me so hard! I know now it all has a reason this helps me to relax when something happens again.

Ingrid - 12 Oktober 2018

Beoordeling: 10

This reading is probably one of the best I ever experienced.

Lieke - 04 Oktober 2018

Beoordeling: 10

Thanks for connecting to my husband who passed away last year, I had so much questions which stayed unawnsered untill you where able to connect really remarkable thing you did there.

Esmee - 11 September 2018

Beoordeling: 10

Thanks Jason I hope to chat soon again.

Liz - 09 April 2018

Beoordeling: 10

I had a lot of problems in my life because of things that happened in the past, Jason was able to clear most of these things which made my life a lot easier and it basicly took the weight of my shoulders.